Suunto Games 2015
June 6th to 7th


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Old map example - of the last autumn local competition called Firmaliiga in Salmi from Routegadget

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Suunto Games are at usual time in June one week before Jukola Relay. So it offers a good opportunity for Jukola trainings.

The venue is Salmi outdoor recreation area in Vihti 37 km northwest from Helsinki along Vihdintie. The competition terrain to the north of Nuuksio National Park.

Old masters still run fast to the finish

Suunto Games is a two day competition. On Saturday adults have a middle distance race and children a long distance race On Sunday all categories have a long distance race. In both days start mode is individual.

Open orienteering is available in both days, too. The terrain and all controls are just the same used in Suunto Games. You can select among several different courses.

Foreign orienteers give an international atmosphere to Suunto Games

During the week after Suunto Games you have possibilities for training in several open orienteering events. You will find them every evening in the surroundings of Helsinki. Maybe you knew that at this time of the summer nights in Finland are bright for a long time.

Open orienteerig events are listed in the table below. More information (distances, costs, links, etc. will be here later when the Greater Helsinki Area Open Orienteering Calendar is published.

Junior orienteers enjoy also in Suunto Games

Information will be available when the Greater Helsinki Open Orienteering Calendar 2015 is published. So far there will be from Monday to Thursday every evening several events maximum 50 kms from Helsinki.

Course setter receives comments from the satisfied orienteers

Cafe and first aid services are available as usual. Also several orienteering equipment traders will have their shops in the event center.

We have also a famous child care (crèche/kindergarten), many parents come to Suunto Games only because their children want to go to child care event. Besides it is possible for parents to ask split starts.

Eager excitement - elite orienteers are starting soon

During Suunto Games the holiday season in Finland has not started yet. So there will be plenty of good and reasonable priced hotels available in Helsinki and its the neighborhood cities of Espoo and Vantaa. There is also several low-cost hostels available

Camping sites are in Oittaa (some 20 km from the competition center) and Rastila (lesser than 10 kilometers eastbound from the centre of Helsinki, nearest metro station: Rastila only few hundreds meters).

Suunto Games speakers have a long tradition

More information will be available later on the web site of Helsingin Suunnistajat Look also the English web site of the last summer Suunto Games 2014

Helsingin Suunnistajat and Suunto cordially welcome you to Suunto Games

Pekka Väisänen
Chair of the Organisation Committee