Road guidance and public transport

road guidance map

GPS-navigation address to the start of the parking guidance:
Nuuksiontie 84, ESPOO

Public transport Route planner

Road guidance

Road Guidance from Nature Centre HALTIA (address Nuuksiontie 84) in Solvalla. Drive few minutes up to the parking area in Swinghill. Then walk down back to the Nuuksiontie bus stop opposite Haltia. From there 5 minutes shuttle bus journey and 700 meters walk to the assembly.

Parking fee 5 euros per day for one vehicle. If you come by coach or by other heavy vehicle as campervan, please, inform us by email

It is possible to walk from parking to assembly using roads, paths and cross-country. The walking distance is about 2 km. There is a white string guidance. At the beginning of the guidance you will get a map. The guided route is marked on the map. Besides there are some controls, too. Download the map here

Map to parking

... and here is another map Kansalaisen karttapaikka: Citizen Map Place

Public transport

Bus route 85A from Espoo railway station to Nuuksionpää. Driving time 25 minutes, one hour headway. Buses leave Espoo railway station on Saturday for instance 9.15, 9.55, 10.27, 11.10 etc. and on Sunday for instance 8.42, 9.12, 10.10, 10.40 etc. More on the timetable.

Get off the bus at Haukkalammintie bus stop (E6956), walk 200 meters backwards to Ruuhijärventie junction and finally walk 700 meters to the assembly.

Buses back to Espoo railway station leave approximately lesser than one hour headways. More on the timetable.

Espoon asema
Espoo station (hsl)
Haukkalammentien pysäkki
Haukkalammentie bus stop (hsl)

Trains E and U from Main Railway Station to Espoo Railway Station.

Open the Route Planner to get the assembly from all over the Helsinki Region.