Suunto Games 2016
June 11th to 12th


All results available and Routegadgets, too. Read more

Walk from parking to assembly is also possible. The distance is about 2 km. At the beginning of the guidance you will get a map with some controls, too. Read more

Start lists published. Late entríes up to Tuesday 17.00 are included. Read more.

Competition instructions published. The brief list of the most important topics is included. Read more

Public transport and road guidance
There is a bus service number 85 from Espoo Railway Station to 900 meters from the assembly. Because of the new summer timetables bus service on route 85 is better now.

If you are using your own car, note that there is a 5 minutes shuttle bus link from parking area to 700 meters from the assembly.

Read more about public transport and road guidance.

Open orienteering events are available during the week between Suunto Games and Jukola. The National open orienteering event calendar is available too. You will find there a map with the locations of open orienteering events in every week of the season, not only on Jukola week. Read more

Unfortunately open orienteering events "Iltarastit" of Helsingin Suunnistajat are missing in the National open orienteering event calendar since 23.5.2016. You will find them in Iltarastikalenteri (in Finnish). The event on Monday 13.6.2016 is in Luukki outdoor recreation area The location of Luukki is shown here

Accomodation available during Suunto Games weekend near the event centre in Solvalla Sports Institute (information mostly in Swedish) Some photos available here

- Twin room 35 euros per person per night
- Single room 55 euros per person per night
- Breakfast 7.80 per person

More information, inquiries and bookings
email: solvalla(a)
phone: +358 9 8678 430.

NOTE: During competitions there will be a short bus link from the Sports Institute to 700 meters from the event centre.

RESERVED Accomodation during Suunto Games weekend available only few hundred meters from the event centre in the Club Hut of Orienteering Club OK77

- Two nights from Friday to Sunday: 330 euros
- Single night from Saturday to Sunday: 200 euros

More information (only in Finnish and Swedish):

Inquiries and bookings
email: outi.grotenfelt(a)
phone: + 358 44 2737 629

Registration: Registration to Suunto Games is now open. You can registrate to Suunto Games by email or by IRMA registration system.

Final invitation published. Only minor modifications compared to the preliminary one. - Read more.

You may look also some beautiful photos of the Nuuksio terrain and nature by Raino Lampinen, course setter of this year Suunto Games - Look more

Suunto Games will be arranged, as usually, in June one week before the Jukola Relay, offering thus a good opportunity for preparing to the big event a week later.

Old masters still run fast to the finish

Suunto Games is a two-day competition with individual start mode, the adult categories having a middle distance race on Saturday and a long distance race on Sunday. Children will be running a long distance on both days.

Open orienteering is available on both days, too. The terrain and all controls are just the same used in Suunto Games. You can select among several different courses.

Foreign orienteers give an international atmosphere to Suunto Games

During the week after Suunto Games you have possibilities for training in several open orienteering events in the vicinity of Helsinki from Monday to Thursday evening in the vicinity (within 50 km) of Helsinki. Maybe you knew that at this time of the summer nights in Finland are bright for a long time.

Junior orienteers enjoy also in Suunto Games


13.6. (Mo) Iltarastit - Luukki - Road 120, 23 km from Helsinki, address: Luukkaantie 33 ESPOO
14.6. (Tu) Espoorastit - Serena - Road 120, address: Tornimäentie 10 ESPOO, parking fee 1€
14.6. (Tu) RR-rastit - Rokokallio - Road 132, junction Vihtijärventie, addres not available
15.6. (We) Aluerastit -Länsisalmen koulu - address:Hetbackantie 3, VANTAA
15.6. (We) RaVi - Veikkoinkorpi (also string course) - Road 25, junction Kaukolantie, address: Ratastie 3 NUMMELA
16.6. (To) Länsirastit - Lahnus - address: Vanha Lahnuksentie 19, ESPOO
16.6. (To) KU-rastit - Etelä-Paippinen - road Nikkilä-Paippinen, 6 km from Nikkilä, address Paippistentie 460, SIPOO
16.6. (To) HyRa - Vieremä (sprint) - address: Härkävehmaankatu 4, HYVINKÄÄ

Look the National Open orienteering event calendar. There are all the events in Finland and very nice Google map, too.

Unfortunately all information seems to be only In Finnish. Maybe this very short Finnish word list will help you:
- Ajanjakson alku, loppu: start, end of the period
- Alue: Region
- Tyyppi: Type - Suunnistus: Foot orienteering - Pyöräsuunnistus: Bicycle o. - Hiihtosuunnistus: Ski o. - Tarkkuussuunnistus: Trail o. - Yösuunnistus: night o. - Tukireitti, rastireitti: string o.
- Päivämäärä: Date - Tapahtuma: Event
- Paikka/Opastus: Location / Guidance
- Tie: road - Risteys: junction

The Calendar of open orienteering events in Uusimaa region is available (in Finnish). You will find there information about orienteering clubs of Uusimaa region

Information about Open Orienteering of Helsingin Suunnistajat
| in English| på svenska | по-русски |

Course setter receives comments from the satisfied orienteers

Cafe and first aid services are available as usual. Also several orienteering equipment traders will have their shops in the event center.

We have also a famous child care (crèche/kindergarten), many parents participating Suunto Games only because their children want to go to child care event. Besides it is possible for parents to ask split start.

Eager excitement - elite orienteers are starting soon

The Finnish holiday season has not yet started yet during Suunto Games. So there will be plenty of comfortable and reasonable priced hotels and low cost hostels available in Helsinki and neighborhood cities of Espoo and Vantaa. There are also several low-cost hostels available

Nearest camping sites are in Oittaa (17 km from the competition center) and Rastila 50 km from the competition centre; 15 km east of the centre of Helsinki, close to the Rastila metro station).

Suunto Games speakers have a long tradition

More information will be available later on the web site of Helsingin Suunnistajat Look also at the English web site of the last summer Suunto Games 2015

Helsingin Suunnistajat and Suunto cordially welcome you to Suunto Games

Pekka Väisänen
Chair of the Organisation Committee