Suunto-Games 2013 Opastus
Opastus = Start point of the Road Guidance, Navigointiosoite = Navigation address

Road Guidance and Public Transport

Road Guidance

Road guidance from junction Vihdintie (road 120) and Vanha Lahnuksentie. Driving time 10 minutes to the event centre. Parking next to the event center. Navigation address: Espoo, Snettansintie 29

Parking fee 4 euros per car, including both days. One day ticket is 2 euros. Parking tickets available in info center.

On rainy weather parking along the near-by roads and parking areas. Shuttle bus from the distant parking areas to the event center. Look our our web site on Friday and Saturday morning.

Public Transport

Bus route 86 and 86H from Espoo railway station to Nettaa (Snettans). Driving time approximately 20-23 minuuttia. About 6 minutes walk from the bus stop to the event centre, a total of half an hour.

The nearest bus stop is Niittymäki (E7006). Walk first 400 meters northbound along Snettansintie to the junction of the smaller road and continue from there 400 meters to the event centre.

Look Kansalaisen karttapaikka: Kilpailukeskus/Event Centre

Bus timetables

Connections on Saturday from Espoontori (Espoo centre) to Nettaa 8:53, 9:47 and 11:08. On Sunday 7:52, 8:53, 9:47 and 11:08.

Trains S, U, L and E 25 minutes from Main Railway Station to Espoo Station.

Look (Road planner)
From: Espoon asema, Espoo
To: Snettansintie 29, Espoo.

Suunto-Games 2013 Opastus
Kilpailukeskus = Event Centre
Niittymäen pysäkki = Bus stop Niitymäentie