Competition instructions

The final instructions will be published on Saturday morning at the event centre.

Summary for the busy orienteer

Start 1 Adults blue-white string - on Saturday 1.8 km (nousua) and on Sunday 1.4 km
Start 2 Adults blue-white string - on Saturday 1.2 km and on Sunday 1.1 km
Start 3 Children red-white string - on Saturday 1.6 km (nousua) and on Sunday 1.4 km
No toilets in start area

Bibs are along the string to the start. All competitors use bibs

Own safety pins for bibs

Lose control descriptions, not printed on the map

Last controls separate for adults and children on both days.

No showers, use beaches in Espoo


Map is coloured, 5 meters contour, in the plastic sheet. Different maps on both days.

On Saturday all maps are in scale 1:10 000. Map size is A4

On Sunday maps are in scale 1:15 000 in categories H/D21E and H21A and size is A4. All other categories have maps in scale 1:10 000 and in size A3.

Start 3 (children): Map size is A5 on both days.

The old map of the competition area can be seen in the information board at the event centre.


Look, please, look the competition instructions in Finnish.

Note, please, in the category H21A the map and control descriptions of the course H21A2 are in use on Saturday. Respectively the map and the control descriptions of the course H21A1 is in use on Sunday


Start list are available at the event centre, ín the starts and even onthe web page of Helsingin Suunnistajat


Strings begin from the guide pole at the event centre. The string to the starts 1 and 2 (adults) is blue and white and the string to the start 3 (children) is red and white. The color of the string to the open orienteering (kuntosuunnistus) can be seen in the guide pole.


No indoor available for dressing. Toilets are available

No showers available. Use instead the several near-side beaches of Espoo. Guidance on the information board.


Model control with emit checking unit is near the guide pole. Check that your emit card works. Otherwise go directly to the info point. You can't start with a faulty emit card.


All competitors use bibs. They are not collected back in the finish. Bibs are the same in both days. H/D21E bibs are yellow, all the others are white

Bibs are along the string to the start. Attach the bib with your own safety-pins. A new bib is available at the info point. It costs 2 euros.


Lose sheets of control descriptions are available in the start. Control descriptions are not printed on the map.


- Cultivated land which is out-of-bounds due to growing crops (yellow + black dots; IOF symbol 415).
- Settlement (olive green areas; symbol 527).
- Out-of-bounds areas marked with purple vertical stripes (symbol 709). A solid line indicates that the boundary is marked continuously with red and white tape.

Out of bounds tape
Out of bounds tape

- Golf course in the northern part of the map on Sunday (open land symbol 401 + text "GOLF").
- Any other areas marked with red and white tape, including small areas not shown in the maps.

You must follow the string to the start, because the route to start goes on both days throught the competition area. On Saturday near the start 3 (children) is a private property - you must definetely keep out from there


The doctor is on duty at the event centre. First-aid point is in the terrain. It its marked on the map.

On Sunday there is the first-aid point and two a water refreshment points marked on the map. Besides E-categories have water refreshment in one control marked in the control descriptions.


Distance on Saturday

Start 1: 1.8 km - path,road, terrain (ascent).
Start 2: 1.2 km - path and road
Start 3: (children): 1.6 km, - path and road; 1.1 km common with other starts (ascent 50 m).
Start to open orienteering: 0.2 km

Distance on Sunday

Start 1: 1.4 km - path
Start 2: 1.1 km - path and road
Start 3 (children): 1.4 km, path and road; 0.9 km common with other starts
Start to open orienteering: 0.2 km

All strings start from the guide pole. Strings to starts 1 and 2 are blue and white. Strings to start 3 (children) is red and white. Open orienteering start is on the south side of the parking area on both days.

You must use the marked route to the start.


At the starts there are lists of all competitors with bib numbers, start times and emit numbers. No toilets are in the starts.

Control descriptions and punching control slips are available in the start area before you go to the start place.

The late competitors go directly to the late start official.

Start 1 and 2 - adults (H/D 15 -)

Start procedure

  • 4 minutes before your start time: the bib (competitor number) is checked.

  • 3 minutes before: reset your emit card.

  • 2 minutes before: look the model map.

  • 1 minute before: go near the map bucket of your category.

  • At your start time take your map and start your run. You are responsible that you have taken the right map. The string leads you to the K-point .

Start 3 - children and open category ( - H/D 14)

Start procedure:

  • 4 minutes before your start time you will be called by name to the start place. Your emit card will be checked.

  • 3 minutes before; reset your emit card.

  • 2 minutes before: competitors of string categories (RR and TR) can look their model map with all controls. In the model map for other categories only the K-point is marked.

  • 1 minutes before: the rest of competitors can take their maps from the map bucket.

  • Start signal gives you permission to start your run.

String course is marked with a continious white tape in the terrain. Controls are marked with the symbol RR (RR1, RR2, RR3...).

In string course ten minutes penalty for each missing control is added to the total time of the competitor.


Adults and children have separate last control on both days. Competitors came to the finish from two opposite directions. In the last control of children categories both control punching units (RR6 or 300) can be used.

Several punching units are on the finnish line. Punching at the unit stops your time counting. After the finish line your emit card is checked.

Maps are not collected back in the finish. You are not allowed to show the map or route to the competitors, who are not yet started or came to the finish (official competition rule §3.75).

Near the finish you will find water refreshment point, emit split time printing point and disqualification clearing point.

Interrupted competitors must go to the finish and inform at the emit checking point that they have interrupted their competition.


Prizes are given according the total results of the both days. The number of prizes in each category can be seen on the information board.

Victory ceremonies are only in categories D21E, H21E, H/D14, H/D13 ja H/D12, H/D10 sekä H/D12TR. Three best will get prizes at the victory ceremony area.

All competitors of categories of H/D9RR and H/D10RR will get their prizes at the victory ceremony area.

All the other prize winners will get their prizes from the prize tent after the results of their category is confirmed. You will see this in the result list on the information board.


- Info point

At the info point you can pay your fees, rent emit cards and get information about all kind of problems considering to the competition.

Emit cards are rented at the info 3 euros/day. If you fail to return your emit card, you must pay 70 euros. The change of emit card number costs 2 euros..

- Emit punching

Competitor is responsible that his or her emit card works and the emit number is correct in the start list. You may check the function of your emit card in the model control at the event centre.

You can rent a new working emit card at the info point. The rent includes event the change of the emit number.

Control number shown in the emit card display can be different compared to the control number printed in the control descriptions.

- Spike shoes

Spike shoes are not allowed.

- Results

Results are updated to the results board. Final results are available on the web site of Helsingin Suunnistajat during the afternoon

- Open orienteering

Open orienteering is available. Costs are 8 euros per day, 18 years and younger pay 2 euros per day.

The start of the open orienteering is on both days 200 meters from the event centre. Emit cards are used. You can rent an emit card at the start point of the open orienteering. It costs 3 euros per day. The finish of the open orienteering is in the same place as the start. You must not come to the finish of Suunto Games

- Kindergarten (children care)

Kindergarten is available in the event centre. It is free.

- Cafe

The event centre cafe serves coffe, tea, refresment drinks, rolls and buns.

Young orienteers of Helsingin Suunnistajat sell fried sausages..

- Parking

Parking fee is 2 euroa per car day in each day. Parking tickets are available at the info point. Remember to put the parking ticked so that the parking officials can see it when driving out. If you forget, you can buy the ticket even before you drive out.

Bicycle parking is next to event centre. It is signed. Bicycling inside the event centre is prohibited.

- Safety and cleanliness

On Saturday best route of some categories goes along the road to the event centre.

Competitor: take it easy and watch out for cars

Driver: orienteers did not notice anything, at least not cars. Slow down!

Smoking is prohibited everywhere in the event centre. Take, please, all your garbage to waste containers.

- Camping

Camping is not allowed at the event centre. The nearest camping areas are: Oittaa and Rastila.

- Lost and found

All lost and found are collected to the info point. After competition you can ask them by email: synnove.miettinen(at) or by phone: +358-40 512 3288


Translation by Kari Sane
sorry for all mistakes...

Helsingin Suunnistajat ry.
Jorma Kuparinen