National Orienteering Competition

XLVI Suunto-Games

Espoo Nettaa

Categories:Men: H21E, H21A, H21AL, H21B, H35-H95, H20, H18, H16, H15, H14, H13, H12, H12TR, H10, H10RR, H9RR, Women: D21E, D21A, D21AL, D35-D85, D20, D18, D16, D15, D14, D13, D12, D12TR, D10, D10RR, D9RR and open category for young orienteers Please, note the letter L means a short course. For instance courses in the the category H21AL are shorter than in the category H21A

Courses in categories H/D15 and older middle distance on Saturday and classical distance on Sunday. Younger categories have classical distance on both days. Estimated winning times in elite categories (H/D) are 33/31 minutes on Saturday and 75/65 minutes on Sunday

Elite categories H21E/D21E are arranged with a permission of the Finnish Orienteering Federation. The arranger will choose the 30 best orienteers to the category H21E and the 25 best to the category D21E according to the Finnish ranking list (on 1.6.2013). Besides the arranger can choose max 15 (H21E) / 10 (D21E) orienteers from other countries to elite category. The foreign elite orienteers should be on the same level as the selected Finnish elite orienteers. The arranger can also choose 3+3 competitors using his own consideration. Competitors that don't fit to the elite category will be shifted to H21A or D21A category.

Entries: By the 2rd June 2012 at 12 PM using IRMA SERVICE. Otherwise by email or by mail: Kari Sane, Vanhaistentie 12 N 85 00420 Helsinki, Finland. Entries coming after the date above are considered as late ones.

Fees: H/D21E, H/D20E:32 €, H/D21A,B,C, H/D20A, H/D35-85:28 €, H/D18-15:22 €, younger:16 € NOTE: Members of the foreign clubs may pay their fees before the competition to the info point at the event centre. Competitors taking part only to one day will pay the half of the fee. The fee can be paid also to the bank: IBAN: FI05 1243 3000 1989 69 SWIFT/BIC: NDEAFIHH (you must paid all bank expenses). Hiring the Emit card is 3€ per day.

Late entries will be accepted latest on Thursday the 6th June at 12 PM with 50% extra fee. Use IRMA SERVICE or email

Road guidance from Road 120 (Vihdintie) at the junction of Vanha Lahnuksentie. Driving time 10 minutes to the Event Centre. Parking next to the Event Centre. Road Guidance available on Saturday morning at 8 AM. Navigation address; Espoo, Snettansintie 29

Public Transport connections available. Bus connection from Espoo Station to Nettaa including only 10 minutes meter walking from bus stop to the event centre.

Start times are on Saturday 11-13.15 and on Sunday 10-12.15

Distance to starts in both days 1,2-1,8 km; Competition bibs in the beginning of the path to the start, use your own safety pins.

Map scale 1:10 000 except on Sunday the categories H/D21E ja H21A, which use the scale 1:15 000. The map is new, map maker Kimmo Nykäsen and based on radar scanning. It is a six-colour with 5 m contours, printed on May 2013, in plastic sheet.

Punching system Emit. Possibility to rent an Emit card 3 euros per day.

Event centre is in the terrain. Cafe and sausages service. Childrem care available. Please, inform the information secretary about children below one year. NO SHOWERS AVAILABLE, please use the several beaches in surrounding area.

Camping sites are in OITTAA (some 20 km from the competition center) and RASTILA (lesser 10 kilometers east from the centre of Helsinki, Nearest Metro station: Rastila only few hundreds meters).

Organising commitee: Chair: Jorma Kuparinen, Course setters Reijo Hyvönen and Raino Lampinen (children categories), Controller: Tuomo Kauppinen HyRa

Information secretary: Kari Sane  sp. puh. +358 45 6717 447

Starting lists will be published at the club's web pages on Wedneday 5th June 2013.

Prizes according the total results of two days. Everybody will get the prize in the children string category.

Open orienteering (3km, 5 km and 7 km) on Saturday (12-13) and on Sunday (11-12). Mostly the same control points used as in the competition. Fee 8€ (below 19-years 2€), hiring of the Emit card 3€. Entry at the start of the open orienteering, follow the guidance signs.

You are cordially welcome to Suunto Games