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9th-10th June, 2012  



10.6.2012   16.45
Results of the second day published
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9.6.2012   17.50
Results of the first day published
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Final start lists published

Final start lists published. Possible corrections, please, email to kari.sane(at).nbl.fi          -           Confirmed corrections here

The first bus from Ämmässuo

First bus from Ämmässuo departs on Saturday at 8.30 and on Sunday 7.30. So you will be in Solvalla more than two hours before the first starts. Sure, it is enought.    Read more about road guidance


6.6.2012 klo 20.00
Event centre is very soon full of life and orienteering
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Start lists published

Start lists published. Possible corrections and changes, please, email to kari.sane(at).nbl.fi

Competition instructions published

Preliminary competition instructions published. The final ones will be available on the information board in the event centre on Saturday morning.

Look the old map of the competition area

You can look the old map of Solvalla area and some old routes, too, The open orienteering event Firmaliiga was in Solvalla 24.5.2011. The event centre of Suunto Games will be on the top of the big hill in the western side of the map (same place as the finish of the Firmaliiga event).

Thierry and Philippe coming to Suunto Games

French World Champions Thierry Gueorgiou and Philippe Adamski are coming to Suunto Games. They run the long distance on Sunday. The estimated winning time may now need some calibrations...

Unfortunately Thierry has problems with his feet, so he can't run on Suunto Games. But Philippe has confirmed that he is coming.

Course setter Henrik Tala gives some tips...

This year the terrain of Suunto Games is physically average Southern Finland, technically slightly more difficult than average. Moderate hilly,  good runability but the lack of paths and trails means more challenging orienteering than normal.

Preliminary lengths of categories is available, too  -   read more

Pictures from the terrain and elsewere in Solvalla

This year Suunto Games competion is partly in the Natonal Park. Some nice photos from there and also elsewere from Solvalla are available here. Thanks to Raino Lampinen for collecting the photos.

Entry published

New areas for the competition are available. This is possible because we will arrange shuttle bus transport from the parking to the event center. Look the entry.