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XXXXX Suunto Games
9th and 10th June 2007
in Vihti, Salmi

about 40 kilometres northwest from Helsinki

: H21E, H21A, H21AL, H21B, H21C, H35A-H60A, H35AL-H60AL, H65-H85, H20E, H20A. H18, H16, H15, H14, H13, H12, H12TR, H10RR, H9RR
Women : D21E, D21A, D21AL, D21C, D35-D75, D20E, D20A. D18, D16, D15, D14, D13, D12, D12TR, D10RR, D9RR.
Note, please, the letter L means a shorter course. For instance courses in the the category H21AL are shorter than in the category H21A

Courses are middle distance on Saturday and long (classical) distance on Sunday

Elite categories H21E/D21E are arranged with a permission of the Finnish Orienteering Federation. The arranger will choose the 30 best orienteers to the category H21E and the 25 best to the category D21E according to the Finnish ranking list (on 1.6.2007). Beside the arranger can choose max 15 (H21E) / 10 (D21E) orienteers from other countries to elite categoriy. The arranger can also choose 3+3 competitors using his own consideration. Competitors that don’t fit to the elite category will be shifted to H21A or D21A category.

Finnish qualifying elite categories H20E and D20E are arranged with a permission of the Finnish Orienteering Federation for orienteers among the best 45 (H20) / 30 (H18) / 10 (H16) / 30 (D20) / 30 (D18) / 15 (D16) listed in www-ranking on 30.5.2007. Besides Finnish Orienteering Federation can choose additional orienteers using his own consideration. Category H20E includes no more than 90 orienteers and D20E 80 orienteers. Finnish Orienteering Federation will choose heat groups with 15 orienteers on each. Heat groups will start at the end of the starting list.

Entries :By the 4th June 2007 at 12 PM at the club’s web pages: www.helsinginsuunnistajat.fi. Use the specific entry form. Entries by mail: Kari Sane, Vanhaistentie 12 N 85 00420 Helsinki, Finland. Entries coming after the date above are considered as late ones.

Late entries will be accepted latest on Thursday the 8th June at 8 PM with 50% extra fee. Use email

Fees: H/D21E, H/D20E:30€, H/D21A,B,C, H/D20A, H/D35-85:26€, H/D18-15:20€, younger:14€  NOTE: Members of the foreign clubs pay their fees before the competition to the info point at the event centre. Competitors taking part only to one day will pay the half of the fee. Changing the emit-number after the entry costs 2€.

Punching system Emit. Possibility to rent an Emit card (fee 3 €/day).

Road guidance from road 120 at the junction of Salmi outdoor centre, about 20 km from Ring Road III northbound. Driving time to parking few minutes. Walking distance to the event centre 0.5 -1 km. Guidance available on Saturday morning at 8 AM

First start: At 11.00 AM on Saturday and at 12.00 AM on Sunday.

Map 1:10 000 on both days except on Elite- and H21A-categories on Sunday 1:15 000. Contour interval 5 m. 6 colours. Updated 2007/5.

Officials Competition leader Juha Burtsoff (+ 358-50-3365688), Course setters Reino Hotti, Jorma Ovaskainen, Kari Matilainen, controller Tuomo Romula (Mesikämmenet)

Information Kari Sane (+358-9-5636 992 (home), +358-9-3103 7107 (office), during competitions +358-45 6717447, email

Starting lists will be published at the club's web pages on Wednesday 6th June 2007. Also by phone on Thursday 7th June at 6-9 P.M. ( +358-9-5636 992 ).

Competition centre at terrain. There will be buffet and child care (children younger than one year should be informed beforehand). Possibility for open orienteering (5€, emit card rent 3€), on Saturday 1 - 2  PM and on Sunday 11-12 AM

You are cordially welcome to Suunto Games!